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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Gramin & Golden Brother Group can, upon request, print your logo on the products and print the packaging in your company logo and colors.


ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

Gramin & Golden Brother Group would be happy to work with you on any of your new requirements for new products development. We would happy to listen to your good ideas, and we will try our best to turn your good ideas into great products. Let us do great things together, change the life with great products, and change the world with great products.


Other Services

Gramin & Golden Brother Group also doing business of Blockchain miners sales; Blockchain finance; Development and investment of Metaverse’s software and hardware; Technology development, Technology exchange, Technology transfer, Technology promotion; Wholesale and retail of computer software, hardware and auxiliary equipments; IT consulting services; Software development; Domestic trade; AI hardware sales; Internet sales; Risk investment etc

Tech Support

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